Highly reliable and efficient Vertical Wall Mount ECU's

Designed for Remote Environments and built for the Satellite Teleport Industry

We have leveraged our experience in tailored Vertical ECU's for
extreme rough-duty mobile Defense and Aerospace applications

We meet your specific interface and capacity requirements through several existing designs.

Naturally we provide a custom solution to ensure project requirements are met with margin. High ambient (131oF / 55oC), Low Ambient and Wide-Extreme Ambient models are available.

Cost Effective:
Site efficiency can be improved two ways:

  1. Through selection of our Digital Compressor Control and
  2. Speed controlled Condenser Fans for Head Pressure control.

Additionally, our Digital compressor control enables precise temperature control across varied thermal loads. We have found for some applications that implementing two of our Vertical ECU's in a dual-redundant and lead/lag configuration. This approach ensures your digital equipment's thermal load will be managed without worry. This assurance is the result of our experience supporting our forces for over 10 years in Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote locals; in the worst ambient conditions of the central desert climate.

BACNet Ready:
We have the interface to enable remote control and monitoring of critical ECU parameters.

Geo-Thermal Ready:
Dual use designs interface to your Geo-Thermal Plant to provide:

  • the superlative cost reduction and
  • efficiency you're looking for
  • while ensuring system safety through the on-board, self-contained, back-up standard vapor compression cycle refrigeration circuit.



Applied Companies has over 55 years of experience in Defense and Aerospace. We design and field complex mobile ECU's and Tactical Chillers for mission & life critical applications. This treasure of design and manufacturing knowledge has migrated risk for Programs and Projects. Applied's Satellite TELEPORT Shelter / block house ECU's are designed and manufactured for highly reliable and unsupervised remote operations.

Environmental Control Units - ECU