Providing Power Generation for up to 1 Megawatt

Our Power Generation products include Mobile or Fixed for Aerospace, Homeland Security and Defense

Emergency Power Systems

Applied Companies manufactures Emergency Power Generation units for use by Commercial Establishments, FEMA and Counties/Communities.

Our Generators conform to the product descriptions found on Page 115 of 142 in the FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL) and Standardized Equipment List (SEL) under the AEL/SEL Code: 10GE-00-GENR.
Applied Companies can assist with technical information for Grant Applications.

The Quiet Power or QP-190 is shown: Voltages at 120/208/240/277/480 and Standby Power at 188kVA / 150kW.

Defense Power Systems

Applied Companies legacy in Power Generation is focused on the Mission Success of the USMC Combat Operation Centers.

Since 2008 Applied Companies has supported the USMC COC Program. Providing 100 tons of Cooling and 250kW of Power for this 0-6 Combat Operations Center (USMC COC). We powered and cooled the Corps during the war years of OIF and OEF.


MCOTS Lighweight Power

Applied's Value Price Generators

The VP Generator Series allow you to mix and match product features to your Generator needs.
We start with the basic Generator and Controls. You pick out the rest of the kit. Our enclosure come with galvanized finish, Painting is Optional.

Your choose;

  • 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 25kW, 20kW, 25kW or 30kW.
  • Single Phase or Three Phase.
Environmental Control Units - ECU