Modified Commercial Off The Shelf (MCOTS) ECUs

Applied Companies 8 ton MCOT ECU Integrated with the Sea Box Relocatable Simulation Shelter

Modified Commercial Off The Shelf (MCOTS) ECUs often satisfy demanding environments and requirements in a Grid Friendly-Cost Efficient manner.

Our Typical MCOTS ECU Unit Characteristics are:

  • Micro-grid power friendly
  • Fork Lift Pockets for inter-modal transport and positioning on a base pad
  • Two 16 inch metal transition duct adaptors
  • Robust enhancement of mounting and fasteners.
  • Easy access to interior for maintenance
  • Removable Air Filter
  • Remote Thermostat (Optional)
  • Paint Options: Desert Tan, Forest Green, Homeland Security White, Commercial Grey
MCOTS 8 Ton ECU Aft End with Supply Return Ducts
The AC444-24 (two images below) is a rugged 2 ton MCOTS ECU, Commercial in nature, Modified to meet Military Mission, all within budget and design.
Always interesting to observe; taking a finished Commercial Product and Improving it by Ruggedization of its sub-components.
Environmental Control Units - ECU