Horizontal ECU's

Applied Companies Horizontal ECUs service a very wide variety of System of Systems (SoS)

S-530A/G, S-781/G, S-782/G, S-785/G. S-786/G S-788/G or S-280C/G and the Navy's Basic Mobile Facility Type A & B

Applied Companies has manufactured 75+ variants of Horizontal ECUs
primarily Rigid Wall Shelters such as the Army and Air Force's

THAAD / with ECU on Ice (under Olive Drab Cover) at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory, Eglin AFB, FL
Applied Companies Horizontal ECUs are designed for a wide variety of Environmental Conditions; such as Salt Spray and Salt Fog on the Littoral Combat Ship Mission Modules.
Distributive Common Ground Station-Army (DCGS-A) is supported by Horizontal HVAC system from Applied Companies.
The AC254-30 is designed for the S-788 and S-280 Shelters.
Dual 7 Ton Horizontal ECUs Keeps the AN/TPS-79-3D properly Conditioned.

The following Horizontal ECU Informational Downloads may enable your search;

Environmental Control Units - ECU