Applied Companies is an active participant of the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS)

Engineering & Production of Rugged Thermal Management for DEW System of Systems (SoS)

Our eight year history of Engineering & Production of Ruggedized Thermal Management for DEW System of Systems (SoS) is well founded in design and efficiency.

Applied Companies' portfolio includes: Active Denial System; Avenger Platform Chiller; Man-Pack 2kW HEL Chiller; HEL-MD Chiller and ECU with Generator along with other DEW Systems under development.

Photo (above) taken on Capitol Hill in the Atrium of the Rayburn House Office Building, 2 April 2014, Applied's DE Program Manager, Tom King(r) detailing Thermal Management challenges with Dr. Brian Crone, Congressional Fellow to Congressman Ben Lujan, D-NM 5th District.
Congressman Doug Lamborn, R-CO 5th District, and Co-Chair of the House Directed Energy Caucus, shown in this 2013 image, spoke again this year to the DEPS Members on Capitol Hill. His commitment to the Directed Energy family is self-evident by the spirit of his delivery.
Environmental Control Units - ECU