These systems funnel large amounts of energy into a very concentrated beam

These Laser Systems, as they get larger, significantly increase the Thermal Management requirements

Land-Based High Energy Lasers

More than 7 years Engineering, Designing and Fielding rugged Chillers and ECUs for DEW Systems.

Applied Companies designed, developed and delivered the complete Thermal Management System, Laser Chiller and HEMTT Shelter HVAC, for the US Army's Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) 10kW High Energy Laser – Mobile Demonstrator (HEL-MD).

For small agile and mobile operations (below) Applied Companies engineered, designed and built a light-weight, 48VDC, 140 pound (two-man lift) chiller for a 2kW Man-pack Laser.

High Power Microwave HVAC Systems

Applied Companies manufactures Chiller Units in support of High Power Microwave (HPM).

Our 8+ years of hands-on Program Experience in Directed Energy Systems Chiller Design and Manufacturing provides DEWS Program Managers assurance we understand the nuances of the program. Applied Companies' Ruggedized Mobile Chiller Thermal Control Unit for a HPM System.

Applied Companies is an active participant of the Directed Energy Professional Society

Environmental Control Units - ECU