One of our Hallmark Chiller Systems has been the Phoenix Chiller

Applied manufactures Chiller Systems for the Army, Navy and United States Marine Corps'

AN/TSC-156 Phoenix Quad-Band Satellite Dish

This Chiller is most unique, two Air to Water Heat Exchangers (HEX) sit inside the left and right electronic bays at the rear of the vehicle.

Hot air from the electronics is passed into the two HEXs. The heat is then carried by the Glycol/Water solution forward, by pipes, to the Chiller unit mounted above the cab of the HUMVEE to be rejected to the atmosphere.

The Chiller has a one ton DC compressor to keep the solution within proper thermal range and to minimize the power draw from the platform. We have manufactured more than 250 units for this SoS.
Environmental Control Units - ECU