Custom HVAC Chiller Systems

With 40+ year history of engineering, design and fabrication of Chillers for Electronic System of Systems (SoS). Applied Companies manufactures Chiller Systems for the US Army's and Marine Corps'.

Chiller systems are often an excellent solution for certain HVAC applications pending the industry. Applied Companies has been engineering, designing and building exclusive chillers for over four decades, thus completely understanding the most advanced methods of removing heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or an absorption refrigeration cycle.

Using liquid circulation through a heat exchanger to cool equipment or another process stream (such as air or process water) is one of our company’s core engineering competencies for thermal management. There are many different types of HVAC applications used in numerous industries. These industries have different requirements for their cooling needs and many chiller types solve their requirements. We pride ourselves on the skills and innovation to manufacturer specialty hvac solutions that meet our Aerospace, Commercial and Defense customer’s complex thermal needs for their unique products.

Mobile & Fixed Chiller Sub Systems

Here is a small snapshot of recent Chillers Applied engineers have built.

Electronic Systems Chillers

One of our more modern Hallmark Systems has been the Phoenix Chiller, AN-TSC 156 WIN-T TSST Tactical SHF Satellite Terminal (NSN: 4120-01-521-1713).

Electronic Systems Chillers

Land-Based High Energy Lasers
More than 7 years Engineering, Designing and Fielding rugged applications for DEW Systems. High Energy Laser-Mobile Demonstrator supported by Applied Companies.

Electronic Systems Chillers

Special Mission Power and Air Chiller Cart has remarkable capacity and capability. Built for high temperature extremes and for rugged environments, this UAV/UAS Mobile Chiller is a workhorse. Aerospace Solution: PACC-20-36-4-80kW.

Electronic Systems Chillers

Large design and fabrication is a founding skill set of Applied Companies. One of our more recent projects was a Special Mission 36 ton Chiller for a Mid-East application. This is a 36 ton Fixed Chiller and Service Pallet.
Environmental Control Units - ECU