Chem / Bio Protection is important for various missions

This system can be designed and engineered to adapt to any environment control unit that may be exposed during a CBRN event. Our system provides basic protection against CBRN events through constant filtration and overpressure. The most critical component of any collective protection system (CPS) is the air filtration system.

Personnel working in these protected areas do not have to wear Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) during or after a CBR attack. CPS provides this safe zone by filtering all supplied air to the area by over pressurization that prevents contamination from penetrating or leaking into the areas. Access and outlet to the areas is achieved through air locks and decontamination stations.

collective protection, colpro, Chemical Filtration, Biological Filtration, Gas Particulate Filtration

AC400-120, 10 ton ECU

For the system shown we incorporate and integrate M48A1 Gas/Particulate Filter into the system to provide 100 CFM of fresh Make-up Air.
AC400-120, 10 Ton, ECU, Gas Particulate, Gas Particulate Filtration, GPFU, Cyclonic Filter

AC400-120, 10 ton ECU

AC400-120, 10 ton ECU with Gas Particulate Filtration Unit, GPFU.
Personnel Ventilation Fan, Chemical Filtration, Biological Filtration, col pro, Col Pro Systems

ColPro - Chemical / Biological Filtration Unit

ColPro - Chemical Filtration / Biological Filtration Systems.
Environmental Control Units - ECU