ColPro Designs for Chemical Filtration & Biological Filtration

Our manufacturing of ColPro Chemical Filtration Units, Biological Filtration Units and Gas Particulate Filtration Units (GPFU) for use with our HVAC products. Our Experience with Chem / Bio Filtration has enabled enduring design and engineering like our Personnel Ventilation Fan.

Applied Companies has vast experience in engineering specialized Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) protection products to make atmospheric environments safe for personnel and high value assets.  We are a well-known supplier of quality CBRN filtration systems that meet or surpass military DoD specifications (MIL-SPEC), EPA, and DHS standards for use with HVAC equipment. Our designed CBRN filtration systems have been used in vehicles, ships, shelters and facilities where protective measures must be taken to defend against CBRN warfare or terrorism.  

We offer CBRN filter systems and components that provide collective protection to mobile assets and static equipment, including equipment such as rigid / hard-wall shelters. Our systems are rigorously tested for quality and reliable operator level operations. Applied Companies systems can be designed to protect against weaponized Toxic Industrial Material (TIM) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) found on today’s contingencies or conflicts.

Collective Protection

Part of HVAC is the protection of People and Equipment - We understand and comply.

Applied Manufactures, for Collective Protection, Chemical / Biological Filtration Units, Gas Particulate Filtration Units, for use with our HVAC Products.

For the system shown we incorporate and integrate M48A1 Gas/Particulate Filter into the system to provide 100 CFM of fresh Make-up Air. The additional level of Chem/Bio Protection is important for various missions.

Personnel Vent Fan

Applied Companies has been manufacturing the Personnel Ventilation Fan (PVF) for over 12 years.

The PVF supports the S-788 and S-280 Rigid Wall Shelter HVAC Systems. The PVF is used primarily in conjunction with Gas Particulate Filtration Unit (GPFU) or for any Rigid Wall Shelter requiring an Outside Air Supply System for the occupants. We manufacture four variants of the PVF.

The NSN: 4140-01-516-8893; Personnel Ventilation Fan for S-788 and S-280 Ridgid Wall Shelters is shown below.

Environmental Control Units - ECU