Applied is an OEM of Advanced Ground Systems Engineering (AGSE)

Designing and building Advanced Ground Systems Engineering for over 40 years. Our focus is building robust, rugged AGSE to withstand the rigors of weather and environment to perform in austere locations.

Our Mobile Aircraft Ground Power and Air Conditioning Carts for Aerospace and Defense Programs are constructed and designed to strict Aviation standards set by industry. We are a world leader in the development and manufacturer of innovative aerospace ground support equipment and aircraft cooling solutions. Our top priority is providing the end user with quality equipment, reduced maintenance workload, and enhanced reliability to support a wide range of aviation ground support requirements. We manufacture tailored design AGSE systems that operate in extreme environmental conditions.

The Chiller System (144,000BTU/Hr or 12 Tons) relies upon a refrigeration subsystem that uses R407c refrigerant to chill 50% Ethylene Glycol / water mixture provided to a cooling coil through which the Blower delivers air to be cooled. The Air System has been designed to maintain 1,050 SCFM air delivery at a temperature between 35degF and 51degF.
The 80kW diesel-generator also supplies 208 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase power to a Power Supply which produces 28 VDC power for the aircraft systems and 115 V, 60 Hz, 1 phase power to the battery charger and utility outlets. A redundant battery system provides 24VDC to the generator and export power cable.
The PACC-20-36-3 (below) provides 1.7 Tons of Cooling, with 650 CFM; Export Power: 110VAC, 28VDC & 24VDC.
The PACC-20-36-4 consists of an Air System to provide cooled air via a flexible duct and a Power System to provide power for the Air System and export power via two external power cables (24VDC and 28VDC respectively).
Environmental Control Units - ECU