Aerospace Generators & HVAC Systems

Aerospace engineering typically refers to two types of engineering; aeronautical or astronautical. Specializing in aircraft systems. Our engineers primary involvement is in designing aircraft systems like; environmental control hvac systems along with studying the aerodynamic performance of aircraft and construction materials.

Having to build aerospace generators with power ranging up to 400 Hertz supporting a variety of distinct space exploration applications.  Our power generation solutions are designed to reduce operating costs and improve reliability to increase electrical system reliability, efficiency and performance.  Delivering innovative power system technologies in constant speed, variable frequency and direct current (DC) configurations to meet demanding space exploration applications.

Applied Companies HVAC systems are designed to any requirement configuration supporting both vertical or horizontal customer specifications.  Controlling environments in space with heating and air-conditioning depends on maintaining specific conditions than that of normal ground HVAC units are allowed. Equipment can be developed to accommodate partial or complete redundancy for interruption concerns.

Applied Companies has been servicing the Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) / Ground Support Equipment (GSE) / Ground Power Unit (GPU) Industry for over 40 years

Our Aerospace engineers endeavors to improve Aircraft, Spacecraft & Beyond by conducting cutting-edge research in: ECU, Structures, Power Systems, and more.

Below we have two recent programs Applied Companies has Engineered, Designed and Delivered:


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Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (DC-10) with Gensets and NASA's Orion Heat Shield Environmental and Power Generation Transport System.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital depends upon Applied Companies AGSE Gensets for power in very remote environments of the world.


ECU; Environmental Control Units in NASA; NASA Super Guppy ECU; Orion Heat Shield;

Applied 400 Hertz ECU and Generator Environmental Pallet being loaded onboard NASA's Super Guppy.

The ECU and Generator designed and built to provide a Properly Controlled Environment for Optimal Transport of NASA's Orion Heat Shield between key NASA Facilities.
Environmental Control Units - ECU