AN/TSQ-216 Remote Landing Site Tower (NSN-4120-01-473-6838)

Mobile, rugged, tactical and flexible, the AN/TSQ-216 Remote Landing Site Tower (RLST) is the newest and most deployable air traffic control tower available. Delivered to the U.S.M.C. in 2001, the RLST serves remote landing sites and provides restorer service for established airports.

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It is housed in a modified S-250 Shelter with an extendible roof which is raised for operation and lowered for transport. The system is configured for two operator positions and a supervisor and is fully self contained.

  • The system is deployable by aircraft, helicopter, or ground vehicle.
  • Set-up is accomplished in 45 minutes by two personnel.
  • System power is provided by redundant generators, or from an
    external supply…
  • A battery back-up unit provides 2 to 4 hours of emergency power.
  • The tower cab accommodates two operators and one supervisor.
  • UHF, VHF, HF, HAVE QUICK and SINCGARS radios support civil and military operations.
  • Digital switches, located at each operator position control all radio equipment.
  • Weather measuring systems, light guns, a hand-held radio and digital voice recorder complete the basic AN/TSQ-216 equipment suite.
  • Additional radios, encryption devices, BRITE display, ATC operator position and other mission
    equipment can be added to meet each user’s unique requirements.

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  • Transport methods:
    • Cargo aircraft, helicopter, vehicle
  • 5 Deployment methods
  • Set-up:
    • 2 persons, 25 minutes initial, 45 minutes complete


  • Operator console:
    • 2 operators, 1 supervisor
  • Communications suite:
    • UHF/VHF AM(HAVE QUICK) 3 each, GPS Time-Of-Day
    • VHF FM (SINCGARS) 1 each, (2nd radio optional)
    • HF SSB ALE compatible
    • Encryption Optional
    • Radio Set Controls, 2 each, installed at ATC workstation
  • Communications switch:
    • 2 each, 10 channels per ATC workstation
  • Digital Voice Recorder:
    • 8 Channels (additional channels optional)
  • Communications landlines:
    • Six 4-wire terminals
  • Weather instruments:
    • Wind direction/speed, temp., dew point, barometer
  • Digital data communications:
    • Over tactical radios or telephone lines
  • Standard and Night Vision Goggle Compatible Lighting:
    • Operator positions, light guns and obstruction lights
  • Environmental control:
    • 13,300 BTU/Hour, heat or refrigerated air Deployment methods
  • Standard:
    • Shelter and trailer collocated
  • Remote:
    • Communications suite remote up to 1 Km
  • Standalone:
    • Shelter only, communications suite in shelter
  • Comm-on-the-move:
  • Man pack:
  • Diesel generator:
    • Dual redundant 10 kW, AC and DC outputs
  • Battery back-up:
    • 2 to 4 hours operation
  • External supply:
    • 120/240 VAC 1 phase, or 24 VDC


  • Temperature
    • -28 degrees C to + 65 degrees C operating
  • Mean time between critical failure
    • 1,500 hours
  • Elements
    • Meets MIL-STD-810E for temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, wind, rain
  • Tower
    • 2535 pounds (w/o HMMWV)
    • 186”L x 85”W x 103.5”H (mounted on HMMWV)
  • Trailer
    • 4200 pounds
    • 136”L x 85”W x 86” H

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