18k, Vertical ECU, 208V, 3Ph, 400Hz (NSN 4120-01-220-7381)

TM 5-4120-377-24P; Distribution: A for Public Release; Dtd 1 Apr 1991

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T.O. 35E9-241-4; Distribution: A for Public Release; Dtd 1 Apr 1991

NSN 4120-01-220-7381

  • Conditioners are designed to ventilate, cool & heat
  • Provides a maximum of 18,000 BTU/HR of cooling or 12,000 BTU/HR of heating
  • Has two stages of heat
  • Provides source of filtered outside (fresh) ventilation air
  • Mist Eliminator installed
  • Is self contained single cabinet that is ideally suited for van, shelter, or room installations
  • Operates in environmental conditions from tropic to arctic
  • Fully portable
  • Has connection point for a CBR (chemical, biological, radio-logical) filter
  • Has alternate power input connection locations to provide for a variety of installations
  • Designed for low-noise level operation

Special features

  • The control panel may be removed from the unit and remote mounted

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3788 & 3789

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Environmental Control Units - ECU