Applied Companies (ECU Company) Passes Pre production Qualification Test

At Santa Clarita Valley an ECU company was recognized Wednesday (Sept. 22, 2018) by the U.S. Navy for passing pre production qualification testing. As a women-owned, California based company and our nation’s leading manufacturer of environmental control units (ECU), Applied Companies supports commercial, aerospace and military organizations with temperature controlled  systems. We help our clients prepare for extreme environmental conditions with our custom designed and manufactured systems. Customizing environmental control units for Aerospace, Commercial, Military and Government organizations is our ,main focus. Protecting personnel and mission  critical equipment from high ambient temperatures can be difficult without the correct systems. Our industry leading Environmental Control Units are customized for a wide range of cooling capacities to cool any size shelter, vehicle, aviation and more. Regardless of the rugged conditions Applied Companies an ECU company can help you complete your mission in dust, rain, sand, extreme heat and other harsh conditions. Click below to view our wide range of environmental control systems: ecu, ecu company, pre production qualification test, environmental control unit See how Applied Companies can better your business or organization by contacting a specialist today.

Environmental Control Units - ECU