Need to manage body heat in Extreme Environmental Conditions?

COOLSHIRT active cooling systems help people manage body heat in extreme environmental conditions. COL (RET) Todd M. Peterson, Regional Business Director, meeting with Mr. Jay Buckalew, CEO/Managing Partner, with Coolshirt Systems, LLC. COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is the leading provider of personal cooling systems for surgeons, race car drivers, football players, fire & emergency services, hazmat, military and industrial workers. The invention that launched COOLSHIRT was a cooling vest for surgeons to use in the operating room.  The company has spent many years working beside surgeons under hot operating room lights as a distribution for replacement knees, hips, etc.  In a true entrepreneurial spirit, The Company saw the opportunity to help the doctors that were helping those in need and the Surgeon’s Cool Vest was born in 1987.

What are other uses for CoolShirt technology?

Applied Companies coordinates with Coolshirt to provide Local, State and Federal Government Agencies with active cooling systems to help personnel manage body heat in extreme environments. Applying this application to many different industries helping people stay cool in extremely hot environments or even uniforms. A few examples of how this technology can improve sectors like; First Responders, Firemen, Welders and even military personnel in the field. See how we can better your business or organization by contacting an Applied specialist today. Meetings to discuss how to manage body heat in extreme environmental conditions. Please contact:

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