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Applied Companies is dedicate to Customer Service.

Applied Companies trained and qualified staff of Field Service Representatives (FSR) can provide customer assistance during:
Initial site installation
Start up and test (set to work)
Acceptance testing
On-site maintenance
Installation of modifications and upgrades.

Our Field Service Representatives (FSR) provide extensive factory expertise at the customer's location worldwide in timely fashion.
The Applied FSRs have a comprehensive experience in all aspects of supporting thermal managment systems and power generation in the Defense & Aerospace Industry.

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Understanding your ECU:
Did You Know:

  1. If your ducts are being restricted you may not be operating at full capacity?

  2. If you see "bubbles" in the sight glass that it does not necessarily mean there is a leak?

  3. If your return air filter is dirty or damaged you may not be operating at full capacity?

  4. If air is being restricted or short-cycled in to the condenser side of the ECU that you could be operating at high pressure?