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Engineering Software used at Applied:

AutoCAD 2000i
Thermal and Air Flow Analysis

Our experience in the Aerospace industry of California spans more than 50 years.

Applied's engineering department has worked closely with the Aerospace Primes for decades, designing Power and HVAC Systems. We have built unique systems to support the Government and Commercial exploration of space. Our portfolio includes design and manufacturing:
   Rocket / Missile Transport Systems
   Payload Support Pallets Systems
   HVAC and Power Systems for the Flight Line or Launch Pad

Virtually all our post-9/11 new-ECU designs have been for units deployed to CENTCOM AOR supporting OIF and OEF.

We understand the design requirements for ECUs destined for rigorous Middle-East military service with operational temperature extremes of the desert and service at altitude in rugged mountainous terrain as in Afghanistan. Our typical experience for ECUs in this service has shown Mean Time Between Critical Failures (MTBCF) in the 19,000 – 21,000 service hour range.

Design & Military Standards:
The majority of ECU and Generator designs, Applied has produced, have been subjected to the complete MIL-STD-810, Type V Mobility, or Marine Mission Profile test protocols.

The testing history enables us to utilize prior testing on a similar ECU platforms by similarity and analysis in lieu of physical testing. This helps to minimize non-recurring costs, minimize development program risk and offer reduced lead times for delivery of functional first-article units.

Applied Companies' ASHRAE-37 Chamber:
Engineering relies heavily upon creating a realistic environment to challenge the form, fit and function of our product line.
Applied Companies ASHRAE 37 Chamber and ECU Controls


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