Defense Power Systems

Applied Companies legacy in Power Generation is focused on the Mission Success of the USMC Combat Operation Centers. We powered and cooled the Corps during the war years of OIF and OEF.
USMC COC CAPSETII aerial view 

Since 2008 Applied Companies supported USMC COC Program. Show here with 100 tons of Cooling and 250kW of Power for this 0-6 Combat Operations Center (USMC COC).

USMC COC with 3 Applied Companies GETTs Generator ECU Tent Trailer

Often Program Managers need Mission Specific HVAC and Power. Shown below is a 5 ton ECU with an Extended Fuel Range 25kW Genset.

AC294 60 5tonECU w 25kW GenSet on M1102 LTT

Mission Requirements drove the Army's Requirements for these Special Mission 40kW Gensets.

6115 01 618 9835 GEN40PSKID

Aerospace ground support equipment (AGES) at Applied Companies. Displayed here is a Generator for a USAF Payload Transport System. 

Generator Payload Transport Trailer