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Class VII; Major End Items - Manufactured by Applied Companies - NSN Listing Below:

This abbreviated Catalog of COTS and MCOTS Products is Commercially Available to the government / general public and is considered "Commercial in Nature" as defined by the FAR Part 2.101. Click Here> FAR Part 2.101.

NSN Image Line Item Number (LIN) Description or System Supported Part Number

MIL-A-52767 this is an older Legacy ECU - NSN issued 18 May 1966

4120-01-203-8656 4120-01-203-8656 A23667

Air Conditioner: FL/WALL A/C AC 115V 1PH 50-60Hz, 6,00BTU CMP VRT
TM 5-4120-387-14; Distribution A; dtd 21 Nov 1986

4120-01-219-8759 4120-01-219-8759 A24763

36k, Horizontal, 208V, 3Ph, 50-60Hz
TM-9-4120-389-14; Distribution: Unlimited; Dtd 17 Sep 1991

4120-01-220-7381 4120-01-220-7381 A24592

18k, Vertical, 208V, 3Ph, 400Hz - We Currently have this Product is Stock; eff: August 2014.
TM 5-4120-377-24P; Distribution: A for Public Release; Dtd 1 Apr 1991
T.O. 35E9-241-4; Distribution: A for Public Release; Dtd 1 Apr 1991

3788 & 3789

18k/BTU Hr, 208V, 3Ph, 60Hz

3736 & 3737-101
4120-01-244-6385 4120-01-244-6385 A24934

Air Conditioner: FL/WALL A/C AC 208V 400Hz 3PH 36,000 BTU CMP VRT
TM 9-4120-399-14; Distribution:A; Dtd:18 Jan 1991; Production Year: 1987

3801 & 3863

1/2 Ton, 6,000BTU/hr,  Production Year: 1994
TM 5-4120-359-14


4120-01-338-6517   A25859

Air Conditioner: FL/WALL A/C AC 208V 400Hz 3PH 60,000 BTU CMP VRT


This ECU was expressly built for the AN/TSQ-216 Remote Landing Site Tower (RLST). RLST is a Tactical Mobile Control Tower. It is housed in a modified S-250 Shelter with an extendible roof which is raised for operation and lowered for transport. The system is configured for two operator positions and a supervisor and is fully self contained.

4120-01-491-4607 4120-01-491-4607

Wide Variety of S-280 and S-788 Shelters including the Common Ground Station AN/TSQ-179(V)2. The Target Acquisition Subsystem AN/TSQ-l 79A(V) 2, NSN 5865-01-470-4744, LIN Z26254, is referred to as the Common Ground Station (CGS). The CGS can receive, correlate, process, store, and display radar data from the Air Force Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) E-8 airborne platform.

4120-01-521-1713 4120-01-521-1713

Our Chiller above the cab and two Heat Exchangers on the R and L aft locations enable the AN/TSC-156 to function in a wide variety of operational areas. It is an ACAT III Program.


4120-01-535-0245 4120-01-535-0245

Deployable, Skid Mounted 4 ton / 48kBTU/Hr ECU with 10.6kW / 36KBTU/Hr Resistive Heat, Evaporator Air Flow 1,600 CFM, R-407, L 49" x W 46" x H 35", Weight 450. Designed for Tandem Use with Controlling & Power Transfer Module. 380VAC/3Ph/60.

AC162-48-3 - 24154080
4120-01-535-0246 4120-01-535-0246

Standard Integrated Command Post System V5 AC179-26 split pack ECU

4120-01-538-8184 4120-01-538-8184 Z00943

The AN/MSQ-140 has dual 5 ton ECUs, Trailer (M1102 LTT) Mounted, it supports a Mobile Digital Processing Center.

4120-01-559-4892 4120-01-559-4892

Module Support Type I AN/AQS-20A. This ECU provides support for Mission Modules on Littoral Combat Ships (LCS).

4120-01-560-9122 4120-01-560-9122

AN/TRC-215 Spiral 3
Battle Control System Mobile (BCS-M)
Remote Radio Secure Voice System (RRSVS)

4120-01-567-7221 4120-01-567-7221

Man-Portable, Adjustable Legs, Remote Thermostat, 1.5 ton ECU, 208VAC, 60Hz, 1Phase.

4120-01-572-9765 4120-01-572-9765

This 32k/Btu/hr ECU is applicable to a wide variety of S-280 and S-788 Shelters. Used on the Global Broadcast System (GBS) Platform

4120-01-573-0647 4120-01-573-0647

60k/BTU/Hr, 208VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz - Top Lift Rings enable ease of installation.

4120-01-576-9625 4120-01-576-9625

8 Ton (96k BTU/Hr) Skid Mount ECU