Trailer Mounted ECUs

Designing and building Mobile ECUs is a Core Competency of Applied; such as these three 10 ton ECUs (Model AC260-120) mounted on the M1102 Light Tactical Trailers.

10 Ton ECUs on M1102 Light Tactical Trailers

Unique Missions often drive Robust Inovative Design in Mobile ECUs
4120 01 586 2771 AN MSQ 146 Street View

Model: AC294-60 on an M1102 Light Tactical Trailer 5 Ton ECUs Supporting Special Missions

60k BTU 5 Ton ECU on M1102 Light Tactical Trailer

Our ECUs, integrated into the trailer, provides thermal management for this USAF System of Systems the AN/MSQ-118

137th Space Warning Squadrons equipment and facilities at Greeley Air National Guard Station in Colorado Sept