Horizontal ECUs

Applied Companies Horizontal ECUs service a very wide variety of System of Systems (SoS)

Applied Companies 3 Ton ECU on HUMMWV S 788 Rigid Wall Shelter

Dual 7 Ton Horizontal ECUs Keeps the AN/TPS-79-3D properly Conditioned.

TPS 79 3 D NATO Compatible Medium Range Radar.1

Applied Companies Horizontal ECUs are designed for a wide variety of Environmental Conditions; such as Salt Spray and Salt Fog on the Littoral Combat Ship Mission Modules.

4120 01 559 4892 Module Support Type I AN AQS 20A for the Littoral Combat Ship LCS

Distributive Common Ground Station-Army (DCGS-A) is supported by Horizontal HVAC system from Applied Companies.

4120 01 491 4607 Distributive Common Ground Station Army DCGS A HVAC System

The AC254-30 is designed for the S-788 and S-280 Shelters.

Horizontal ECUs support S 788 and S 280 Shelters like the AC254 30

THAAD / with ECU on Ice (under Olive Drab Cover below) at the  McKinley Climatic Laboratory, Eglin AFB, FL

THAAD on Ice at McKinley Climatic Laboratory
Applied Companies has manufactured, since the early 1980s, over 75 variants of Horizontal ECUs primarily for Rigid Wall Shelters such as the Army and Air Force's: S-530A/G, S-781/G, S-782/G, S-785/G. S-786/G S-788/G or S-280C/G and the Navy's Basic Mobile Facility Type A & B.

Click on Video to Right to view the WIN-T Global Broadcast System in the Rail Impact Test.

In general terms most of the Horizontal ECUs fall into the dimensions of 30"W x 20"H x 36"D or close to those measurements.

The following Horizontal ECU Informational Downloads may enable your search.

System Supported Basic Characteristics of ECU PDF Download
Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS)  MIL-STD  pdfAN_TSQ_221_TAIS_ECU.pdf 
Global Broadcast System (GBS) (see video at right) Split-Pack  pdfGBS_WIN-T_Program_ECU.pdf 
Common Ground Station (CGS)  36k/BTU @ 125o pdfAN_TSQ-179_V_1_Common_Ground_Station_ECU.pdf 
 ISO Container Support MCOTS - 208VAC/Single Phase


Littoral Combat Ship Mission Module (see image above) Salt Environment Rugged pdfLittoral_Combat_Ship_LCS_Mission_Module_ECU.pdf
S-788 and S-280 RWS ECU  36k/BTU @ 125o pdf4120_01_491_4607_36kBTU_Horizontal_AC_145_36.pdf
Battle Control System Mobile (BCS-M)
Remote Radio Secure Voice System (RRSVS) 
36k/BTU @ 131o pdf4120_01_560_9122_BCS_M_RRSVS_AN_TRC_215_Spiral_3.pdf
Mobile Operations Tower System (MOTS)  36k/BTU @ 125o pdfAN_MSQ_135_MOTS_DUAL_ECUs.pdf
THAAD ECU (see image above) 30k/BTU @ 125oF pdfTHAAD___S_280_C2Shelter_ECU.pdf
5 WIN-T Programs (see image above) Various Sizes  pdfWIN_T_Programs_Supported_by_ECUs.pdf 
Joint Threat Emitter 36k/BTU @ 125oF pdfNorthrop_Grumman_Joint_Threat_Emitter.pdf