Modified Commercial Off The Shelf (MCOTS) ECUs often satisfy demanding environments and requirements in a Grid Friendly-Cost Efficient manner.

Applied Companies MCOTS 90 ECU Integrated to the Sea Box Re Locatable Simulation Shelter

Our Typical MCOTS ECU Unit Characteristics are:

Micro-grid power friendly
Fork Lift Pockets for inter-modal transport and positioning on a base pad
Two 16 inch metal transition duct adaptors
Robust enhancement of mounting and fasteners.
Easy access to interior for maintenance
Removable Air Filter
Remote Thermostat (Optional)
Paint Options: Desert Tan, Forest Green, Homeland Security White, Commercial Grey

The AC444-24 (two images below) is a rugged 2 ton MCOTS ECU, Commerecial in nature, Modified to meet Military Mission, all within budget and design.

AC444 24 2ton ECU MCOTS Product by Applied Companies

AC444 24 Four Each 2ton ECUs with one central controller MCOTS Product by Applied Companies

Always interesting to observe; taking a finished Commercial Product and Improving it by Ruggedization of its sub-components.

MCOTS units undergoing Modification to improve performance and assure rugged construction

Supply and Return Duct Flanges with Duct Covers for an MCOTS 8 ton ECU.

MCOTS 8 Ton ECU Aft End w Supply Return Ducts

MCOTS 8 Ton ECU Sideview