HVAC Systems

Most Rigid Wall Shelters (S-280 / S-788) and Soft Wall Shelters (tents) use some form of HVAC and Power. This section reviews various applications for HVAC.

 These Tabs will take you to HVAC Sub Systems Applied Companies produces:

  • split-pack-ecus
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    Split Pack ECUs

    Applied has manufactured more than 400 of these Split Pack ECUs for the Army, USAF and USMC.
  • transit-case-ecus
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    Transit Case ECUs

    The cooling of Digital Transit Cases is no problem for this ECU
  • trailer-mounted-ecus
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    Trailer Mounted ECUs

    We have extensive experience in integration of Trailer Mounted ECUs
  • vertical-ecus
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    Vertical ECUs

    Vertical ECUs typically have a unique Application they are servicing.
  • horizontal-ecus
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    Horizontal ECUs

    Applied has manufactured over 75 variants of Horizontal ECUs primarily for Rigid Wall Shelters.
  • mobile-radar-systems
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    Mobile Radar Systems

    Often requires 400hz ECUs and EMI Filtration
  • simulator-hvac
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    Simulator HVAC

    Whether PEO STRI (Army) or Commercial - Most Simulator Shelters need precise HVAC support for optimal efficiency.
  • mcots-hvac-systems
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    MCOTS HVAC Systems

    Modified Commercial of the Shelf HVAC Systems ruggedized to higher standards.