Land-Based High Energy Lasers

Applied Companies designed, developed and delivered the complete Thermal Management System, Laser Chiller and HEMTT Shelter HVAC, for the US Army's Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) 10kW High Energy Laser – Mobile Demonstrator (HEL-MD).

The HEL-MD achieved full power (10kW) testing in late 2013 engaging and destroying multiple airborne targets during SMDC field testing at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

Applied Companies has supported the HEL-MD project from its early Technical Demonstrator (HEL-TD) phase into the Mobile Demonstrator Phase.

The Video on the right bar (no sound) from the Army's Program Office opens with the UAV Outlaw looking down at the parking lot at WSMR at the HEL-MD. The next images are from the HEL-MD acquiring and dwelling on the Outlaw until it was successfully brought down. Following the UAV section of the video are nine instances where the HEL-MD acquired, tracked and dwelled on 9 separate 60mm Mortar rounds in-flight destroying each. Keep in mind that Applied HVAC (10kW Chiller-center circle) and ECU on aft of platform (right circle) along with Power Generation (left circle) kept the platform functional during the entire testing period.

For small agile and mobile operations (below) Applied Companies engineered, designed and built a light-weight, 48VDC, 140 pound (two-man lift) chiller for a 2kW Man-pack Laser.

2kW ManPack Chiller

Naturally Mobile Platform Chillers for High Energy Laser Systems are in demand as the marketplace expands. Applied Companies 3kW Mobile Platform Chiller (below) is an ideal Off The Shelf Candididate for other systems under development.
3kW Chiller for Mobile Platform High Energy Laser


Applied Engineers developed a most interesting HVAC system (below) for the Multi-Spectral Sea and Land Target Simulator (MSALTS) system.

Multi Spectral Sea and Land Target Simulator MSALTS
The MSALTS mission is to provide validated threat emissions of foreign man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) suitable for operational test support (land- and sea-based) of the newest U.S. infrared countermeasure (IRCM) system, the Joint Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS). MSALTS generates realistic missile plume fly-out signatures of sufficient amplitude to simulate actual levels to within the last second of simulated missile approach in multiple independently controlled bands (IR and broadband UV). The intensity profiles are based on Defense Intelligence Agency Missile and Space Intelligence Center's (MSIC) missile fly-out models and enhanced missile signature (E-MSIG) missile plume signature models.