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Air Force Systems Applied Companies Supports

Program or Product    Description / Org     AN Code Applied Product
Info Sheet

Milstar Ground Mobiles

  AN/TSQ-180 N/A 
Battle Control System Mobile -
Remote Radio Secure Voice System
BCS-M - RRSVS AN/TRC-215 Spiral 3 pdf4120_01_560_9122_BCS_M_RRSVS_AN_TRC_215_Spiral_3.pdf
ICBM Space Launch Early Warning / Nuclear Detonation Dectection    AN/MSQ-118 pdfAN_MSQ_118_ICBM_Space_Launch_Early_Warning_Nuclear_Detonation_Detection.pdf
Joint Threat Emitter or Advanced Radar Threat System–Variant 2 also known as ARTS V2 JTE or ARTS V2   pdfNorthrop_Grumman_Joint_Threat_Emitter.pdf


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