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Links in table below (under Program or Product) will take you to the OEM's website pertaining to the Army or Joint system shown. The Product Info Sheet simply shows the ECU within the System of Systems, as an Integrated Line Replaceable Unit.

Army Systems Applied Companies Supports
Program or Product    Description / Org     AN Code  Applied Product
Info Sheet
10 Ton, Trailer Mounted Dual Environmental Control System INSCOM AN/MSQ-146 pdf4120-01-586-2771-AN-MSQ-146-Mobile-Data-Center-HVAC.pdf
Mobile Operations TowerMobile Operations Tower MOTS / PM ATC AN/MSQ-135 pdfAN-MSQ-135-MOTS-DUAL-ECUs.pdf
Tactical SHF Satellite Terminal TSST (Phoenix) / PM WIN-T AN/TSC-156 pdf4120-01-521-1713-AN-TSC-156-Chiller-for-Phoenix-System.pdf
3-D Tactical Surveillance Radar   AN/TPS-79 pdfAN-TPS-79-3-D-Tactical-Surveillance-Radar-Dual-7Ton-ECUs.pdf
Tactical Airspace Integrations System TAIS / PM ATC AN/TSQ-221 pdfAN-TSQ-221-TAIS-ECU.pdf
Air Traffic Navigation, Integration & Coordination System ATNAVICS / PM ATC AN/TPN-31 pdfAN-TPN-31-ATNAVICS-EUCs.pdf
Aviation Combined Armes Tactical Trainer AVCATT-A / PEO STRI   pdfAVCATT-A-Aviation-Combined-Armes-Tactical-Trainer-Dual-ECUs.pdf 
Ballistic Missile Defense Radar   AN/TPS-59(V)3B pdfAN-TPS-59-V-3B-Mobile-Radar-ECU.pdf 
Common Ground Station CGS AN/TSQ-179(V)1 pdfAN-TSQ-179-V-1-Common-Ground-Station-ECU.pdf
Standard Integrated Command Post System V.5 SICPS   pdfSICPS-V5-Split-Pack-ECU.pdf 
Trojan Lightweight Integrated Telecommunications Equipment Trojan Lite AN/TSQ-226(V)2 pdfAN-TSQ-226-Trojan-ECU.pdf
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Fires Shelter THAAD / SMDC   pdfTHAAD---S-280-C2Shelter-ECU.pdf


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