Aerospace Systems

We have been engineering, designing and building equipment for the Aerospace Industry Leaders for over 40+ years.

Our well-proven track record and history of successful Past Performance provides Aerospace Program Managers with a high degree of confidence that our products will meet mission.

The Tabs, below, will take you to some of our more recent programs.

  • aerospace-power-hvac-systems
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    Aerospace Power & HVAC Systems

    We build Aerospace Power Generators in 400 Hertz to support a variety of Special Aerospace Applications.
  • pre-launch-hvac-systems
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    Pre-Launch HVAC Systems

    Our HVAC Service Pallets are on the East and West Coast and in the Marshall Islands, servicing Pre-Launch Activies.
  • space-vehicle-transport-hvac-power-systems
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    Space Vehicle Transport HVAC / Power Systems

    HVAC & Power during transport is Critical to many Aerospace Assets - our history with these products is most interesting.
  • agse-systems
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    AGSE Systems

    OEM of AGSE – Mobile Aircraft Ground Power and Air Conditioning Carts for Aerospace and Defense Programs
  • aircraft-environmental-control-systems
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    Aircraft Environmental Control Systems

    Applied Companies builds Aircraft Environmental Control Systems for the Long-haul in Service and Dependability