Video Gallery

  • ads-targets-humans-in-this-video
    ADS Targets Humans in this video.
    Applied builts Chillers for High Power Microwave ADS, Directed Energy Weapons
  • laser-weapon-system-laws
    Laser Weapon System (LaWS)
    Consider the Challenges of Maintaining a Steady Beam?
  • watch-the-macro-and-micro-view-of-the-hel-md-slew-and-dwell-on-target
    Watch the Macro and Micro view of the HEL-MD slew and dwell on target
    Chiller, Generator and ECU for High Energy Laser-Mobile Demonstrator, Directed Energy Weapons
  • nasa-minotaur-rocket-launch-wallops-island
    NASA Minotaur Rocket Launch - Wallops Island
    HVAC Pallet for Space Vehicle enables Service Life
  • ecu-genset-mats-trailer-supports-atlas-5
    ECU/Genset MATS Trailer Supports Atlas 5
    The Atlas 5 carries the Space Based Infrared System satellite for USAF