Sponsorships & Strategic Partners:

Applied Companies is most pleased to support the young men and women who seek Science and Technology.

Specifically the Hart District Robotics Team. Check them out: http://www.team691.org/ 

Darley Defense Logo

Darley Defense and Applied Companies are Strategic Partners.

The Darley Defense Salesforce is knowledgable of our products. 
The Darley Salesforce is avaliable to assist Military Units in the easy and simple procurement of HVAC and Power Generators.

Applied Companies is a Corporate Sponsor  of the Association of the United States Army.

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Applied Companies is a Sponsoring Member of the Direct Energy Professional Society.

Applied Companies is a Member of The Penn State Electro-Optics Center Alliance.

The Penn State Electro-Optics Center serves as a national resource to advance electro-optics and related technologies by partnering with government and commercial customers for the primary benefit of the U.S. warfighter.

Government Industry Data Exchange Program: GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program)

A cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information essential during research, design, development, production and operational phases of the life cycle of systems, facilities and equipment.

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American Welding Society Affiliate Company:

This Membership, designed exclusively for independent welding and fabricating shops, was developed to meet specific needs: to keep members better informed, aware and responsive to the tides and trends of the welding industry; to improve productivity and to solve production problems.