• hvac-systems
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    HVAC Systems

    Most Rigid Wall Shelters (S-280 / S-788) and Soft Wall Shelters (tents) use some form of HVAC and Power. This section reviews various applications for HVAC.

  • chilling-systems
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    Chiller Systems

    Chillers are often an excellent solutions for certain HVAC applications. This section presents a small snapshot of recent Chillers Applied has built.

  • power-systems
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    Power Systems

    Applied Companies provides Power Generation from 8kW to 1 Megawatt. All power requirements or specifications
    for 50, 60 or 400 Hertz.

  • aerospace-systems
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    Aerospace Systems

    We have been engineering, designing and building equipment for the Aerospace Industry Leaders for over 40+ years.

  • dew-systems
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    Directed Energy Weapon Systems

    A Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) emits energy in an aimed direction. 
    These systems funnel large amounts of energy into a very concentrated beam.

  • antenna-systems
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    Satellite Antenna Systems

    Rugged HVAC Systems service the Hubs of 9Meter+ Satellite Antenna and larger.
    Our ECUs are deployed worldwide in support of Commercial Broadcasting.

  • chem-bio-systems
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    Chem/Bio ColPro Systems

    Applied Manufactures Chem/Bio Filtration Units, Gas Particulate Filtration Units (GPFU), for use with our HVAC products.

  • pressure-vessels
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    Pressure Vessels

    Applied Pressure Vessels, Inc. is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Applied Companies.